Welcome to WordPress: part II

It’s been one week since installing WordPress as my blog engine, and I’ve tweaked the source, reskinned and renamed it. My significant other has been out of town for the weekend, and though tempted to sit in front of the TV, drinking beer and scratching myself, I decided to devote some time to properly designing something for my blog, resulting in what you’re looking at today (though I still have to finish off the rest of the site and a few other nifty features).

My verdict on WordPress: Still loving it. Solid XHTML and CSS, ease of use and modification plus a dynamic community behind it means I’m happy with the choice. Thanks goes to Neerav Bhatt from the WSG list for the tip.

Speaking of re-skins, it seems to be the season for it.. Dave Shea has re-skinned his popular weblog, Mezzoblue not long after a previous reskin. Congratulations to Dave on a significant improvement.

In other Dave Shea related news, I’m looking forward to seeing Dave, Doug Bowman and others talk about design, standards and accessability at Web Essentials 04, in Sydney at the end of September. Notable non-appearance by Jakob Nielsen


  1. A++ again. If your site design was a lady, or a type of imitation meat, I’d be in love.

  2. G’day Hanky! :) Great site you have going and not to mention this blog you’ve set up! How cool is this! Also good consideration with the option in the corner making the text bigger or smaller for users! What will you think of next? you’re a genius!

    See ya!

  3. Gee thanks! (She’s not my sister, honest!)

  4. Letting christmas fade off to the past and going thru some of my bookmarks…I was here before because I have this blog bookmarked…. But Ido not recognize it, so you must have made some serious changes in the design?

  5. Hey James, thanks for visiting. It’s the same site but I recently gave it a complete redesign, hopefully for the better – still the same blog posts from before though, plus many new ones.