Teh Bashing People

Latham + Bartlett, Teh Bashing People

In a fine display of conservative fiscal policy, the Liberal Party have gone with a cheaper advertising strategy for the upcoming Australian federal election.

The Howard government has obviously adopted a more humble approach and has spurred a grass roots effort to attract voters to their cause. This poster of sorts was found on a street post in an inner Sydney suburb and features such pearls of wisdom as:

“People of Austalian bashing people is no good”


“you watch people Latham is a Kenting.”


A one of a kind scoop, and you saw it here first people.

Latham + Bartlett, Teh Bashing People
(Click the image to enlarge.)

Confounding. Disturbing. Brilliant.

Thanks to Ash for this find.


  1. “Teh”?

  2. yep.

    It’s one thing to do that on the keyboard, another to do it with a pen and paper.