PC bang for buck

Sparkle 6600GTBeen quiet around here of late.. maybe because I’ve been playing with some new toys and watching lots of recorded TV and stuff.

Fortune would have it that some money came my way after a long financial drought. Enough to pay off all debts (including the car!), put a decent amount away and the bit leftover to dispose of as I wish. So here’s how I chose to dispose of the leftovers:

So that odd $500 (cheap!) was firstly so I could dump a bunch of stuff off my hard disk and clear a buttload of space, and then use the extra 300+ gigs to schedule and record Digital and HD TV (not to mention the oddities to be found on BitTorrent). Big ups to Toast for the loan of the wireless transmitter that lets me watch all the video goodness from the comfort of the living room with the big TV and sound system and even lets me use the remote control to playback episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Oh, speaking of all things Degarassi, I thought I’d digress here and mention yay for me for winning a copy of the new Degrassi Junior High DVD containing the whole of season 1! Thanks Drum Media. Woot!

Okay so that’s $300 or so of gadgetry for the purpose of increased performance in Sims 2, Rome: Total War, Need for Speed Underground 2, Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, Half Life 2, solitaire, etc…

  • There’s probably a printer on the way. Most likely looking at the Canon iP4000 for it’s quality and low long-term running costs.

Have been without a printer at home for way too long. It’s pretty wicked what inkjet printers can do these days for under $300.

So that’s what I’ve been doing lately, lots of fun with gadgets.


  1. Hi Hank, great to read up on your new goodies! I’ll have to check out the new gear! My gear withers away in comparison. Hey congrats on getting that Degrassi DVD! how sweet is that? it’s nice winning stuff that you don’t have to pay for. Tried a Google search again for my name and my website still doesn’t show so definately need your tips there

  2. Where’d you get the video card from. How much exactly was it? I’ve got to get a new card too.

  3. The card is $308 from AusPCMarket (freight included). I can recommend these guys, they don’t sell junk, prices are fair, are very helpful and deliver pronto.

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope your having a great day so far!!! Hugs from your sis. See you on the weekend!