The Business of Blogging

GlazetteGlass Onion has just recently launched its eNewsletter, The Glazette (which I designed and coded). We had thrown names around for the newsletter, and The Glazette was one I had jokingly come up with early on in the piece. I had since come up with other names like “The Unsubscriber” and “I can’t believe it’s not Spam”, but somehow they didn’t make the cut.

For the inaugural edition, I wrote an article about blogging and business called The Business of Blogging.

The article is aimed at Small to Medium Enterprises about how their marketing and PR strategies can be helped by maintaining a good blog on their website. It starts with a basic primer on blogging, goes on to cover the advantages of RSS as well as the SEO benefits associated with blogging. It then goes on to offer some tips for businesses who want try their hands at running a business blog.

Sites with regular posts of relevant content, an archive and a comment system are able to open a regular dialogue with their audiences. This form of publishing, facilitating two-way communication is one of the major players in the participative environment of the web today.

Adding a blog component to your site can add value to your web presence, help reposition your brand and provide a valuable addition to your marketing and PR strategy.

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