Freelance work – anyone interested?

Just about every other day, I get a request for freelance web design work. I’m not personally taking on any at the moment, full-time work plus the odd side-project is really quite enough… but I do get asked if I know anyone else interested. Most of my good buddies that I used to pass work onto have a pretty full schedule these days, so I’m putting the call out for freelance web designers and developers. Not for any project in particular, but if you are looking for freelance work, and it’s the right match, I may be able to hook you up with some work.

What I’m looking for

If you fit some or all of below, I might be able to send some work your way.

  • Web designers – interface and user interaction design experience, good visual design skills, Photoshop/Illustrator experience
  • Flash specialists – flash animators, flash interface design and build, advanced actionscript (games, apps, etc)
  • Coders – particularly modern XHTML and CSS techniques of taking a visual design and making it work for the web.
  • Proven track record – able to show previous commercial work
  • All rounders – a working knowledge of most or all of the above skills is ideal, most small freelance projects I come across really just require one multi-skilled person.

If you fit this bill and are looking for some leads for freelance work, I can’t promise you anything, but I might have the odd contact to send over, so get in touch with me. Please provide a link to your site or links to live work.