Farewell Salacious Crumb

Salacious CrumbJust a quick note to say good night and good luck to Mitch (who is moving to Germany), and farewell Salacious Crumb. Thanks for the rocking gig on Saturday. My ears are still ringing, I think I need to see a doctor.

Congratulations to my good friends Monster Gale along with Hung Donkey and of course the Crumb who all put on a frigging awesome night on Saturday. I hope we can see some photos online soon…

Here is an article on Tinnitus. This link is dedicated to Salacious.

Update 17/05/06

Okay, Carl has graciously supplied some photos from the night. I’ve finally put a few of them up on my Flickr. Check them out.

Salacious Crumb

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  1. Very funny H man…. i have had tinnitus for some years now,but i manage to lead a happy and audible life so don’t worry too much.

    Thanks for comin it was a rather good night.Thanks to Trev for letting us drink at, smoke at,piss and vomit in his hoouse later on too – was wild. And to the foul bitch who knows who she is – get fucked and jizzed….