More Posts?

I have a paradoxical situation on my hands. I know I don’t post nearly enough here. Yet I also know that I have interesting dialogues with interesting people and find weird and interesting things on the web all the time.

So, in a bold yet somewhat predictable move, I am going to change my posting policy for a while to see what it would be to move away from more substantial but less regular write-ups, to less voluminous (but nevertheless interesting – hopefully) and more regular postings.

In other words, expect more stupid stuff. We’ll see how it goes eh?

Now to deal with the daily barrage of comment spam…

One comment

  1. Yes! I’d love to hear what wierd and intersting things you discover on the net! But don’t shy away from those voluminous ones either! Your posts are always interesting, educational and funny to read (even though sometimes a little grose, refering to coackroach post :) ).