Chromeo Live in Sydney

ChromeoIts been a long time since a live show has affected me on as deep a level as the show I went along to on Saturday night. But Chromeo live at The Basement (presented by Modular Monthly) has done just that. Chromeo is what you would loosely call a Synth Pop duo, from Montreal. Cheesy as hell, just the way I like it. AllMusic’s take on Chromeo is here

Chromeo’s music breaks down barriers between rock and electro, generation X and Y, Arab and Jew. They sound like some sort of cross between Rick James, Prince and Daft Punk. Very 80s yet very modern, with a sound that is “so hot right now”. Yet it seems so effortless for them because you can plainly see that Chromeo are good ol’ nerd boys from the 80s, making the tunes they want to listen to (one member, Dave One, wore a black t-shirt with a wolf on it along with white jeans!?!). Which probably explains why I dig them so much. And evidently, a much younger audience digs them too. A young lady behind me had a such a great time, she was quite happily singing along to pitch-adjusted vocal samples like they were deep and meaningful lyrics.

For me, having been able to see a band I really like live, up close, in a small venue, before they have become massive, with perfect sound all adds up to one of the best shows I’ve ever experienced.

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