Boracay, Philippines

Day 12 – 16, Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is a white sand tropical island postcard destination. It’s a beautiful place, what can i say, just look at the pics.

White Beach, Boracay
White Beach, Boracay. Photo courtesy of Meg

This is really one of the best, if not the best, beaches I have ever visited. The sand along famous White Beach (on the island’s east side) is lovely and white (of course), water turquoise and clear and seafood abundantly available.

White Beach
White Beach again.

Meg at the beach
Meg at White Beach.

The Aklan provincial government have managed to keep the place spotlessly clean (to Philippine standards) and seem to be making good efforts in environmental protection. The only things I would say that detract from the place are the slightly lacklustre coral (as far as we saw in the few coral reefs we snorkelled) and the constant, persistent and at times desperate spruikers on the beach, who would repeatedly approach you as you walked down the beach, lay in the sun or sat eating a meal or having a drink within their range. The main things they pushed hard were boat trips and water sports, fake designer sunglasses, jewellery, fake Rolexes and massages. You get the hang of making it obvious that you are clearly uninterested after a day or two.

Having said that, we did meet a guy who was quite genuine and very friendly and spoke good english (lookout for John if you’re near Station 3 towards the north end of the beach) and even offered to lend his motorbike to me overnight for FREE. He organised us to go on sailing and snorkelling trip and then we later went parasailing. It was like being strapped to a kite and flying REALLY high.

Parasailing, Boracay @ Flickr
Parasailing at Boracay, Philippines.

Parasailing, Boracay @ Flickr
Parasailing at Boracay, Philippines.

We also had a night at Cocomanga’s, the nightspot of choice on the island, and drank cocktails with my cousin and his early 20-something friends (zOMG we dranks Illusions!).

We found a really nice massage place and treated ourselves there 3 out of the 4 nights we stayed on Boracay. The place is called “Smile” if you’re travelling there.

All up Boracay was pretty nice. Expensive compared to other places in the Philippines, but still very affordable if you’re from somewhere like Australia (we paid P500/night for a twin share Bungalow with a fan, roughly $13 AUD). We’d definitely consider coming back again in future.

Our Bungalow
Our Bungalow (next to statue of Mary). This was accommodation at the budget end of the scale. Many others were more like resorts. Photo courtesy of Meg

Next stop: Back to Mindoro for BBQ pork and more Typhoon cabin fever, and then on to Bangkok, Thailand via Hong Kong.

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  1. Hi Henry & Megan,

    Have a Merry Christmas guys. I’ve been constantly checking your web, it’s very impressive, everything is well presented. The photos – the stories, we do enjoy following every episode of your trip (it’s like watching “The Great Outdoors”) keep up the good work. Megan you’ve become an instant professional photographer. MALIGAYANG PASKO

    Lots of love,

    Uncle Ven, Auntie Ely, Mathew and William


    Mathew is in Hong Kong at the moment till 2Jan then to Malaysia, back in Sydney on 7Jan07.

  2. Heya, thanks for reading and glad you’re enjoying it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Oh too bad, looks like we’ll miss Mathew in Hong Kong, we won’t be there until later in January some time…

    Happy holidays everyone, will try to blog soon… very busy at the moment with our Scuba Diving course which is tons of fun. One more day of that (Wednesday) then we go back to Koh Samui and then Siem Reap, Cambodia on Thursday.

    All the best from Megan and myself.

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