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This was going to be a happy 2008 post but half way through February makes it a bit late for that, and I’m not going to make it a Valentine’s Day (“You’ll Do” day) themed post. So anyway, what’s news here then?

The significant other and I are still living it large in London-town. We’ve just returned from a little play over in Portugal with Em and Ads, having visited Lisbon, Evora and Porto, where port originated (but not a whole lot of BBQ chicken).

I’ve not long ago got my RSS feeds going again and have been feverishly trying to digest the Internet… The latest from my feeds:

Mr Speaker comes to terms with the Gregorian calendar (in his own inimitable way) and Laura got a pasta machine (*ahem* dinner invite). This news is a few weeks old now, but I still think it is worthy of a mention, Kris is now a granny in blog years, having recently celebrated her 7th blog-birthday. Amazing!

Majestic Wines' shopping cartElsewhere, the ever useful Smashing Magazine continues dealing good web-geek gear with it’s list of Shopping cart examples (very useful to me in my current line of work), David Airey recently having retrieved his site back from the hands of an unscrupulous cracker makes it into How Design’s top 10 websites for designers and the very instructive Digital Web lays out some tips (and fine examples) on creating the perfect portfolio. Awesome.

Meanwhile at work, Snow Valley has relaunched Majestic Wines (cited as a good example of a shopping cart at Smashing Magazine), the online stores of Levi’s Europe (lot’s of Mootools and AJAX goodness!), MFI furniture and a host of others. It’s been busy as hell these last few months.

So, what’s happening in your world then? Do share…

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  1. Hey Henry,

    I had a sticky beak into the links that you posted. I was just telling the guys at work about your recent work in eCommerce. Too bad there’s not that much demand for it in Australia or if there is no one is willing to pay for it. Keep up the good work!

    Speaking of Valentine’s Day I happened to play with a cute little interactive flash canvas made by Frost design which was a fun way to kill 30mins in playing with type and icons.

    It was great catching up with you and Megan twice this weekend! Are you sure you’re busy?! :) Just kidding. You’re dishing out some fantastic work Henry, well done!

    As for me, I’m leaving work as you know but I’m going to use this down time to get better at design for web, setup my computer so it runs better or maybe even upgrade it, re-do my website (and try to pick a style or theme). Any thoughts?

  2. Still testing the pasta machine… I think it’s ready for dinner party use. You’ll get an invite, know I keep saying it, but it’s all part of the suspense process. :)

    Great work on Levi’s mr! You really pulled all your skills out for that puppy.

  3. Hey guys, thanks for stopping by and keeping my blog from being lonely…