TurnTubelist: some next steps…


Now that the dust has settled on the launch of TurnTubelist a bit, not to mention Mr Speaker’s awesome continual improvements, I thought I’d share some thoughts about a few possible next steps, at least as far as user experience goes. If you haven’t had a play, go there now.

None of these are set in stone, it’s more of a rough to-do list for improving TurnTubelist’s user interface:

  • Improve playlist and playlist management
    The playlist controls (loading, info, delete) that appear on hover are a bit weak. Going to rejig the interactions there, they’re just a bit finicky to use and not obvious enough at the moment.
  • Simplify playlist publishing
    The new publishing functionality is pretty cool, but the positioning needs tweaking.
  • Increase video size
    We want to do more stuff with video later, but at the moment, it’s not the focus. BUT that doesn’t mean we should necessarily limit the video players to such a small size. If at all possible, we want to make them larger so you can use TurnTubelist as a cool way to watch your favourite YouTube vids.

  • Improve messaging
    We want to improve the way message dialogues are presented when the app needs to tell the user something, such as an alert or error. There are still the odd Javascript alerts appearing too (…eek!)
  • Make forms better (and bigger!)
    Tiny forms aren’t generally a lot of fun, so we want to find a place to put forms in such a way that lets us make them bigger.

In general, we want to use the available viewport space more effectively. I’m planning to use funky overlays that use the whole viewport, rather than being constrained to small containers and such.

User feedback has been really helpful, and the ease of which users can submit feedback is also something I want to improve. Always interested to hear people’s thoughts, so feel free to leave us comments using the feedback form on TurnTubelist, or of course here.