dConstruct 2009 was cool

dConstruct logo

E-commerce mavens (and benevolent employers) Snow Valley were lovely enough to send a couple of us along to dConstruct 09 down in Brighton last week. This was a good thing, as dConstruct was a quality conference with lots of food for thought.

Hopefully slides or videos of the talks will be put up soon. I’d particularly like to revisit the talks of Adam Greenfield, August De Los Reyes (from Microsoft’s Surface team) and Russell Davies (who I enjoy reading in Wired UK these days). Those presentations were especially entertaining and insightful.

The general theme was “designing for tomorrow”, and what really came through was the idea of taking what we have learned from building online experiences and applying those approaches and user behaviours to the physical world and the urban landscape. Or as Davies put it, going from representing the world on the web to representing the web in the world. I’m totally on that wavelength, and have been keen on the idea of doing creative projects of a more tangible, physical nature. It’s all about the “post-digital”.

Good to catch up with some web peeps and have a few drinkies too – good times. I’d put it up there with SxSW Interactive as far as interest and inspiraton goes, so definitely money well spent.