Liverpool FC online store

Liverpool Football Club is a Premier League football team of world renown. It has a large, fanatically loyal customer base.

Lead UI design, interaction design, Flash development

My previous employer has a long-standing relationship with Liverpool FC. In my several years there I was fortunate enough to work on several projects for this iconic brand.

The largest project I was involved with was their 2009 site redesign as part of their e-commerce platform upgrade. This involved a full overhaul of the site UI which I was responsible for.

As part of this project I also designed and built their interactive kit builder, which is a product personalisation tool built using Flash (in Actionscript 3). The kit builder pulls in live catalogue data along with photographic and typographical assets from their CMS, and lets the user preview their personalised football shirt in real-time. It has since been imitated by rival football teams to varying degrees of success.

Other than that I’ve been involved in ongoing incremental enhancements and have provided ideas and mockups for future developments, including a proposed mobile store.

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