Yoga moments

I’ve been doing Yoga classes for some weeks now. It’s a great way to get fitter and more flexible. I also find it a good way to relieve stress and develop focus. Practicing in a class environment is good for me, as there is no option of slacking off. As it’s all paid for up front, I want to maximise on my investment, so I don’t skip classes. And it’s going pretty well.

Anyway, was talking with some dudes here at work recently, and I’ve found out that there’s a common belief to do with yoga and flatulence.

As of last night, I can confirm, first-hand, that this is true. And that’s all I’m going to say about it.

Had a yoga moment? Please share…

One comment

  1. It really is important not to eat certain foods within 3 hours of doing yoga, otherwise learn to appreciate the body’s digestive abilities and let it rip!