Whoa, what happened?

I seem to remember getting wasted last night, and upon waking up today, Gradient Dropshadow Curve has become liquid… well at least in FireFox. The only other thing I remember, is that due to IE’s inability to understand the concept of “min-width”, I chucked it in the too hard basket, to be left for another day.

So… fixed-width for IE, stretchy goodness for everyone else.

Update: This looks crud in Opera. Sorry to the one dude who uses Opera. I will do something about this soon, promise…


  1. Captain Pugwash
    November 26, 2004
    12:38 pm

    Good job son. Looks fine in Lynx too.

  2. Best viewed in Lynx you old pirate.

  3. it also looks rough in safari. :\

    i like it tho! keep up the good work!

  4. Yeah sorry, I was stuffing about with it again, trying to get it to work reliably in IE, with a width on the main container of 84%.

    No dice… I have undone the changes and hopefully should be ok now…