Bubba Ho-tep

Bubba HotepI recently had the pleasure of renting out Bubba Ho-Tep starring Bruce Campbell of Evil Dead fame. This film is all B-grade beauty with a strangely original plot.

Bruce Campbell plays Elvis Presley, who we find living a depressed life in a nursing home with a tumour on the end of his penis. To cut a long story short, Elvis got tired of living the high life some decades ago and decided to swap identities with an Elvis impersonator who went on to get fat and overdose on drugs (of course). So the real Elvis missed his chance to switch back to his real life. So he’s now in the retirement home, his only friend being a man who thinks he is JFK, and together they do battle with a Mummy who is feasting on the elderly…

It’s kinda slow moving in an old-skool way, and not a hell of a lot happens, but it’s still fun, and Bruce Campbell is always good value. It’s bad and it’s good. More films like this please…


  1. Yeah, it’s been a month since I’ve seen it, and I’m still not sure whether I like this film or not. Definitely has an original flavour… sorta like a student film that stumbled (can you stumble in a wheelchair?) into some money.

  2. I’ll have to check it! Though I don’t know how you could write “a tumour on the end of his penis” directly followed by “To cut a long story short”

    That just seems a bit cruel.

  3. …and I’m still not sure whether I like this film or not.

    Yes I feel pretty much the same way, but that’s kinda what I find intriguing about it…

  4. stop sitting on the fence ya weiners.
    That movie was AWESOME!

  5. Loved it. One of my fav films in the last ten years. Crass, clever, original and very weird. The world needs more low-budget features like this and less pretentious independent guff like Gus Van Sant’s dribble, I say.