South Asia Quake – forgotten?

After the Boxing Day Tsunami, where the Red Cross reported that the massive global donor response provided half the required relief funds within the first week after the disaster, and the press provided coverage of the disaster for weeks to follow, it seems the Australian mainstream press, and thus the Australian public, have too soon forgotten about the massive humanitarian disaster that has hit Pakistan and India. In Pakistan alone, it is reported that deaths number 80,000, and a million are now homeless. Relief is underfunded and only 15 countries are pledging aid. This has turned out to be the UN’s worst nightmare, more so than last year’s Tsunami, and it’s set to get worse as the Himalayan winter approaches. Worse still, donor fatigue seems to have already hit.

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  1. Henry, I was going to write a post like this on mine but I am glad u did. Exactly my point. People if not in the richest countries are not valued. This is really eating our world today. Half the issues we have today are purely driven by this very lack of concern for each other. And what makes it worse is ‘people’ patronising religion there amids a sorrowing grief striken community!!