Big news…

Okay, the word is now officially out – the lovely Megan and I are embarking on an extended around the world trip, spanning five continents stopping at London for an extended period where we will work and continue the European leg of our trip. We plan to be away from Sydney for about 18-24 months.

Prior to leaving, there are many loose ends to wrap up. One major loose end is the overhaul of I’ve been quite busily hacking away at it and am getting excited about showing off some of the neat bits and pieces of it that are starting to come together… Thanks for the encouragement and all the “where’s the new site already?”. I really do appreciate it.

More news (including itineraries, destinations and the new website) as it comes to hand.

And here’s some tips for travelling with your partner


  1. *sniff* Gonna miss you guys…

  2. Awww thanks Al.