Travel plans

GlobeOkay, so from here on for a fair while this blog will contain more and more posts about travel in the lead up to, and obviously during, Meg’s and my big ’round the world trip in November. I’ll still be adding the odd geek article wherever I can, and if I manage to get to SxSW in March, there’ll be a lot of stuff to talk about there. Also the site redesign is coming along nicely and should be up in time for the November Reboot.

So for anyone interested, here’s our itinerary.. Subject to last minute changes:

  • November 06 – Manila, Philippines
  • December 06 – Hong Kong, China
  • December 06 – Bangkok, Thailand
  • December 06 – Koh Samui, Thailand. Then back to Bangkok
  • December 06 – Siem Reap, Cambodia.
  • December 06/January 07 – Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam. Then we figure out a way back to Hong Kong…
  • January 07 – San Francisco, USA
  • March 07 – Dallas, USA . Dates adjusted to allow for my attendance at SxSW Interactive in Austin.
  • March 07 – Mexico City, Mexico – Might also stay a bit longer here…
  • April 07 – Guatemala City, Guatemala – transfer directly to Antigua, avoiding Guatemala City…
  • April 07 – ChicagoMiami, USA – I think we’re sticking with the summer wardrobe a bit more…
  • April 07 – New York, USA
  • May 07 – La Paz, Bolivia, then overland to Cusco, Peru
  • May 07 – Arequipa, Peru
  • May 07 – Lima, Peru overland to Bolivia then Ecuador
  • May 07 – Quito, Ecuador
  • June 07 – Madrid, Spain
  • June 07 – London, UK

We then settle in at London for a while, get some work and a place to live (easier said than done!) and then some short trips to the continent from there… PHEW!

There’ll be plenty of photos here and at my Flickr page. Any words of advice, places to see or anything else most definitely appreciated…

Update 17/10/06

We just finalised our bookings on the weekend and I’ve updated the itinerary accordingly, with Cambodia, Guatemala and Bolivia added to the itinerary. Now that’s a PHAT trip!

Update 30/10/06

How on earth did I forget to mention almost a whole month in Vietnam? Updated now…


  1. Heh. I keep telling Rodd he should give you a letter of recommendation for our old London company. The owners there loved us… :)

  2. Woo that sounds good! Except I checked out their site and there are way too many weasel words… I have no idea what they do! HEHE

  3. itinerary looks awesome dude… New York is one of my favourite places in the world :)

    And I can’t believe you’re going to nerd it up in nerd heaven – SxSW.

  4. HAHA yeah thanks mate, nerdsville here I come!

  5. Doh! I can´t believe I forgot to mention almost a whole month in Vietnam – it was lost in the Cambodia entry, where I´d said “figure out a way to Hong Kong”, I meant to say that a whole trip to Vietnam was in there too…

  6. Your trip sounds very exciting and I´m sure you are feeling it as well!
    We have to plan a farewell for you & Meg soon after we get back…there´s not much time to catch up and say farewell. :(
    There is one part of the itinerary that has confused me ´May 07 – Lima, Peru – overland to Bolivia then Ecuador ´, are you going back to Bolivia from Lima and then to Ecuador?
    Either way I´m sure you´ll have a great time, I want to go back to Ecuador. I miss the family and the adventures already!

  7. Thanks for pointing that out, I forgot to fix that part when I updated the itinerary. Fixed now…

  8. Hi
    Found your site while i was doing a search on Manila.
    Hope you having/had a great time in that mad city.
    My wife and myself arrive there on the 30th,it will her first visit and my second,i was there in 95,so it should be intresting to see after 11 years what Manila is like,any advise or intresting places??
    We are there for 5 days on our way up to Japan,hope your world trip is going well enjoy shane

  9. Hi Shane, thanks for stopping by.

    We had a great time in Manila, but definitely could have seen more. Some highlights, The Baywalk was an interesting place to go at night, and there’s the old walled Spanish city of Intramuros nearby (though I believe it’s lost a lot of its liveliness in the last few years). If you like malls, then there’s SM Megamall and the grandma of all malls, Mall of Asia.

    One thing that’s changed no doubt is that they are all cell phone and text crazy there now. A SIM card and text messaging in particular are very affordable, so if you and your wife have tri-band mobile phones, get a local SIM card, makes life SO MUCH easier (I wish we’d got our SIM card earlier rather than half way through our stay, would have prevented several mix-ups).

    Look forward to hearing what you discover there, we really barely scratched the surface of Manila.

  10. Hi Mate,

    While I’m still fresh from looking for work, let me know what type of company you are searching for and I’ll see if I can find the right contacts for them etc. I saw a heap of them.

    See you when you get in.

  11. thanks mate, I’ll shoot you an email about that v. soon… cheers