The new site is up and in time for the Nov 1 Reboot!

I’m still ironing out the odd issue here and there, but it’s pretty much all there so have a squiz about the place…

A few features:

  • Much more customised Wordpress implementation, different page templates rather than the usual Wordpress one size-fits-all approach
  • Liquid/elastic layout. The layout reflows based on the available browser space, capped at a maximum width. This maximum width is based on the user’s font size. (Yes the menu bar goes weird if you size your text up too much. And the max-width thing doesn’t work in Internet Explorer 6 plus it has little jumpy bits here and there…)
  • Shiny new Google map page.

Please get in touch if you find any bugs or if you just want to say hello!


  1. Woot! Nice work! The Hank-monster certainly look right at home too!

    The map feature will be great for tracking you ’round the globe.

    Good stuff.

  2. From Santiago, Chile your site is muy cheveré! (a phrase I learnt here in Ecuador which means ´very nice´)
    I can´t wait to read up on your adventures around the world! Meeting the family in Ecuador and seeing the country was awesome. You & Megan will have such a great time there no doubt about it! The family can´t wait to meet you and Megan next year in May! We´ve told them that you´ll be on the way very soon! :)

  3. This design rocks! Well done, Hank.

    Red headers are sweet, especially on rollover, and I’m loving the subtle design flare all over the place (although I did ask for 38 pieces of flare).

    The Google Map is awesome. It’s gonna be fun to track you. Map’s gonna get pretty full!

    And I’m really digging the scrolly portfolio images. Very sneaky.

    Noice. Noice.

  4. Thanks for the kind words, it’s great to finally have something new up.