Gradient Dropshadow Curve turns 3…

Time goes by, we get a little older. We travel through 4 continents, we move to other countries and get new jobs.

This blog sees another year… yes that’s 3 years of half-arsed blogging.

It’s August again

(And I *did* get that redesign done!)



  1. Happy Birthday to Gradient Dropshadow Curve! It’s been a good year and time is certainly flying right now!
    It’s almost a year since dad and I went to South America now! The 28th was when we flew out. I’m planning on putting up a photo for each day we were on our trip onto my Flickr account (I think that’s about 65 photos :) ) I’m going to pick the best ones.

  2. Well done!

    Can’t wait to see the other half-arse over the next 3 years, squire!