Mix YouTube video and YouTube music like a DJ. Create video playlists and ROCK!

Interaction design, front-end engineering, partner in crime

TurnTubelist was one of Mister Speaker’s many wonderous nerd experiments from back in 2008 that then blossomed into a fully-fledged much neglected side project. In a nutshell, it’s a mostly-Javascript web app that lets you create a playlist of Youtube videos and then lets you do an audio cross-fade between them (or just set it to auto mode and it will play your list for you).

It was a little toy we built just for the fun of it (but which I and a few others still like to play around with), originally as a client-side only proof-of-concept. We were quite chuffed then to see it win first prize at Webjam 8.

I worked on the UI and interaction design as well as a few of the jQuery visual effects. We’ve both still got lots of ideas on how to improve TurnTubelist, you know, once we find the time.


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