User interface design work

  • Thumbnail image - Soletrader

    Soletrader online store

    2010 e-commerce site redesign

  • Thumbnail image - Liverpool FC

    Liverpool FC online store

    2009 e-commerce site redesign

  • Thumbnail image - Gift Library

    2010 e-commerce site redesign

  • Thumbnail image - Fanatics

    The Fanatics

    2010 site redesign

  • Thumbnail image - L.K. Bennett

    L.K. Bennett

    Proposed e-commerce site redesign

  • Thumbnail image - TurnTubelist


    Web app interface design

Here I’ve put together a few examples of my user interface design, interaction design and user experience work. I’m unable to publish much of my work online, but more can be supplied upon request.

A good user experience comes as a result of understanding the user and keeping them at the heart of any solution. I see brainstorming, sketching, user journeys, wireframing and prototyping as important tools for solving complex design problems. I believe that design thinking can solve any problem.

Grid, typography, colour, texture and visual hierarchy are the key ingredients of my visual design work. I aim for every design to have a clear focus and, in general, a strong call to action.

Having years of front-end development experience, I know my way around HTML/CSS, Javascript/jQuery/AJAX/JSON, SEO, performance optimisation, Web Standards and Accessibility. Beyond web development technology, I’m interested in Design Thinking, Ubiquitous Computing and the enhancing of daily life through creative innovation.

I like to stay informed and participate in the design/tech community via RSS and Twitter as well as by regularly attending conferences and meet-ups.

Henry’s attentiveness to aesthetics and ease of use are well married which makes him an exceptional designer.

Laura Zucchetti Stamford Interactive

Further information

If you’d like to see my CV or get any further information, please get in touch at hank[at] or use my contact form.