Web Essentials Wrap Up

Ok, finally my overdue post on Web Essentials 2004. Day 2 featured more practical demonstrations of tricks and techniques (Dave Shea, Doug Bowman), a practical insight into the experience of unsighted web users (David Woodbridge, Robbert Spriggs) and some light entertainment in the form of standards evangelism meets wrestlemania (this is truly a strange secret society I’ve come to witness).


The more memorable moments IMHO:

  • Doug Bowman’s insight into Blogger.com’s redesign. Doug spoke about the process behind good design, including understanding the needs of the project, competitive analysis, shematics, etc – all the things that come before, and are more important than mere CSS. Doug’s Presentation is here
  • Dave Shea builds a stylesheet for his agency’s site Bright Creative in real-time, sharing his processes and techniques.
  • WWWWF Smackdown featuring hilarious monologues by Joe Clark and Dean Jackson. Dean wrote his own captions which he used to read his speech from until they started arguing against him, and Joe discussed his own persnickety nature, acceeding that he may have fucked up his own presentation earlier. What Joe said »

All up, a few things learnt and few laughs had.

Amit Karmakar has a photo gallery, here, and more photos and full details at the WE04 Blog, here.

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  1. Yes it was a blast indeed. And thanks for the link Henry.