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The Sims 2

Wow, I just started playing The Sims 2 and I’m hopelessly addicted. It’s like Big Brother, but actually entertaining, because I get to be Big Brother!

Currently Don the resident sleaze-bag is trying to “Woohoo” with as many lady Sims as possible. Trying to get two of the local ladies to both get in the hot tub with Don resulted in some excellent biffo between them, while Don casually watched from the hot tub.

All up so far, a fantastic game, which one would expect from the sequel to The Sims, the best selling PC game ever.

Gamespot’s Sims 2 review is here (rated 8.9: Great!).

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  1. Well, I completely agree with you, though the sims gets better as you get more expansion packs, such as Pets ar Seasons.