Kung Fu Hustle

Kung Fu Hustle

Just got back from seeing the coolest martial arts film since Enter the Dragon, Kung Fu Hustle (aka Gong Fu). You’d be hard pressed to see a cooler, funnier, weirder, more entertaining film this year, and the martial arts are simply spectacular. Not to be missed on the big screen.

Stephen Chow wrote, directed and starred in Kung Fu Hustle. He previously also wrote, directed and starred in Shaolin Soccer. The super kung-fu violence and tounge-in-cheek laughs are non-stop with many references to everyone from Bruce Lee, Quentin Tarantino and Stanley Kubrick to the obligatory Matrix piss-take and even bits from Warner Brothers’ cartoons as the residents of Pig Sty defend themselves from the evil Axe Gang. If you’re in Sydney, you can catch it at the Reading Cinemas, upstairs at Market City in Chinatown. So far I’ve seen no sign of any official or mainstream release. Perhaps in the months or years to come. Brilliant and hilarious. Five stars.

Kung Fu Hustle at Sony Pictures ยป

Kung Fu Hustle

Update: (17/01/2005) I just saw it again and it still rocked, so it must be good.

Update again: (26/04/2005) According to a friend, Hoyts is running trailers for Kung-fu Hustle – looks like mainstream release is on its way!


  1. I would also recommend “Shaolin Soccer” – excellent stuff. Its the same plot as every underdog sports movie ever, but this time it has kung-fu soccer players. So good!

    Beware but – I got a copy off a friend who got it from bit-torrent. But the sub-titles didn’t work. So I went and rented it. The actual rented copy had HEAPS of small bits cut out throughout the flik. They were really important plot-explaining bits too! I don’t know what happend there.

  2. Just watched Shaolin Soccer last night. Good stuff!