Are you confused yet?

Kid Koala and the Short Attention Span Theatre Show

Kid Koala robotThursday night saw Kid Koala bring his Short Attention Span Theatre Show to Sydney’s Metro Theatre. This show saw 3 DJs with very eclectic record collections on 8 turntables along with great illustrated and animated visuals, friendly spoken word intervals and one bizarrely entertaining Lucil Lederhosen. And a great sense of humour throughout the night.

Some of my best friends are DJsIt wasn’t a packed house, which added to the sense of intimacy between the guys on stage and the crowd. Throughout the show, Kid Koala would ask the audience “are you confused yet?” I wasn’t quite confused, but they did break away from the usual hip-hop / turntablist show for the most part, and looking about the crowd, I spotted a few confused punters. The rest of us had a great laugh as well as a good boogie.

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