Degrassi: Generations – winners

Degrassi: GenerationsThanks to everyone who entered the Degrassi book giveaway a couple of weeks back. All the entries were great.

The winner of the best entry was Brad (bonus points for being first). The winner of the random selection was Amy (your entry was good too). Congrats. I’ll get in touch with you guys to get your details and send you the book shortly.

Honorable mentions go to Stuart and “Random Commenter”, but unfortunately you were both disqualified for lying. Stuart, I doubt you got knocked up in high school, and I know you don’t have awesome hair. “Random Commenter”, I was really tempted to give it to you, but the fact is you’re not hot in a Caitlin kinda way. You are more of an early Wheels with the mullet.


  1. Cut!
    Alas, it is true.

  2. *sniff* this is the happiest day of my life…

  3. Veronica Smith
    July 31, 2006
    2:19 pm

    I love degrassi