Google Maps

I was at the Web Directions info night last week where I enjoyed listening to Lars Rasmussen speak, one of the lead engineers for Google Maps.

He explained some of the features of the Google Maps system, showed how easy the API was to use and then some examples of mashups using their API.

So this got me a little inspired to check out how easy the API really was. A few free hours, and some help with the sticky bits to make it work in our CMS from Rodos the resident genius, and Glass Onion has our first Google Map implementation.


  1. Oooh… that’s sweet as!

  2. I forgot to mention that it is FREE to use, even if you are a commercial entity, so long as you don’t restrict public access to the map on your site. Plus the assorted other terms of use.

  3. What a great tool! It’s great to see more and more companies using this google map. I’ve seen some people use it for mapping members of communities as well. It’s very handy.

    Just yesterday I used it for the CSS workshop at Billyblue via the link you sent me.
    I think the print aspect of the map perhaps needs work tho… I couldn’t print the close up view with the information, so I had to take a screenshot of it and print it off that way.

  4. Good point. I think a lot of implementations are for screen usage and don’t think about print much. I tried printing our though and that did seem to print nicely – I zoomed in one level and panned over so you could see how to get to our office from Town Hall station, and that printed out okay…