Philippines wrap-up

Day 16 – 23, Philippines

We left Boracay and headed back to Bongabong where we were had a farewell party and then got caught in another typhoon. We eventually made it back to Manila, wrapping up our stay in The Philippines.

Bongabong Despedida

After Boracay we were picked up from the pier by relatives that were again happy to see us. The folks in Bongabong had organised a farewell party, or “despedida”. My uncle hired a Videoke machine and decided to kill a pig for us. There was no chance of changing his mind on that one.

Videoke machine
Videoke machine arrives. Photo courtesy of Meg

It was a pretty good BBQ and we ate pork for the next few days. Megan photo-documented some of it. Sorry to vegetarians and animal lovers, we felt that we should pay tribute to this little guy whose life was taken and fed many people for several days. If you eat pork then this is mandatory viewing:

He’s still alive, but he’s tied up and stressed. Photo courtesy of Meg

Fast forward… pig is slaughtered. Hot water is poured over it and it is shaved of hair with a razor. Photo courtesy of Meg

All parts are used for different dishes, nothing is wasted. Photo courtesy of Meg

Fast forward again… BBQ pork skewers. Photo courtesy of Meg

Passes the taste test. As Borat would say: “It is a beautiful pig… Mmmm, are there any more eyes?”. Photo courtesy of Meg

More photos of the BBQ pork story at Meg’s flickr.

We were caught in a second typhoon, Typhoon Seniang (international name: Typhoon Utor). Just as well we weren’t in Boracay at the time, that place got hit quite hard, taking a fair bit of damage from what I heard. As many roads were flooded and no ferries from Mindoro to Batangas were able to run, we had to postpone our flights for a few days as we couldn’t get a boat from Mindoro to Batangas to get back to Manila. We had no electricity for most of that time and I was certainly starting to get a bit of cabin fever but we got there in the end.

Ginebra San Miguel, 80 proof Filipino sugar cane whiskey, one of the things we occupied ourselves with whilst waiting for the weather to improve.

Leaving Philippines

On the morning of December 12, we hit the road to get the boat and drive back to Manila. We dropped by my cousin’s place in Batangas again briefly, then did the 8 hour or so drive through traffic back to Manila.

One thing I noticed again on the road trip that I’ve forgotten to mention so far was the odd sight of seeing guys at petrol stations filling up with their engines running and motorbike riders filling their tanks with one hand and holding a lit cigarette with the other (holding it away from the tank mind you). And they tell us to turn off our mobile phones at servos in Australia… pfff!

We stayed overnight in Quezon City before an early rise for a morning flight to Bangkok via Hong Kong.

The Philippines was definitely a funny and interesting place worthy of further exploration.

Next, Bangkok and then off to Ko Samui, Ko Pha Ngan and Ko Tao…

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  1. Wow!! what amazing photos. Poor Piggy. I like my meat unrecognisable, in frozen packs from Coles thanks.

  2. Hey Hank! :D

    Hope you’re having a ball.. You obviously are based on the photo’s!
    Looks like you guys are having a gr8 time. Thanks for keeping us updated and stuff like that as always and take care!

    Speak soon,

    Cheb :)

  3. i gotta agree with ash… eek! but i’m sure it tasted great… mmmm pork belly, pork chops, spare ribs, bacon.. it’s all good when i don’t think about it being a pig… :o )
    keep the stories and photos coming in between your adventures.. i just had two weeks off work and did NOTHING!! i should have crashed your holiday.. hehe.. sure you woulda loved that ;o) love yer guts.. talk more soon x

  4. oh – i should also add that i’m glad you guys survived all those typhoons.. just as impressive as me surviving another NYE! hoorah! Happy New Year! x

  5. Sergio and Emily
    January 7, 2007
    5:10 pm

    Hey guys, Happy New year!!!!!

    We have been checking out the site everyweek or so and are so impressed by how pro everything looks. Megs, i reckon you have clearly got the hang of the camera…you must be having a ball with that thang, your photos are awesome.
    We received your little vespa monster last week and Em wants to send out a massive “thank you”.
    Your travels through philo-land sound pretty wicked…cant say we have done all that much during the break…lots of sleep and a few trips to the beach. Spent NY with the sham at trev’s house and just partied with those guys1 which was nice and lowkey.
    Back to work tomorrow…..damnation!
    We missed you the other night at the lansdowne…and lots of other nights too.
    Take care enjoy all the travel…make sure you stay well nourished!! Look forward to hearing more stories and seeing more pics!!
    Check yas later Meg and Hank…lots o love out to yaz!

    Serg and Em

  6. Hi everyone!

    Thanks for the messages and HAPPY NEW YEAR from Meg and Hank! We spent NYE in Siem Reap, Cambodia (more on that soon).