Redesign thinkings

I’ve always been a fan of clean design, and keeping things simple and to the point. I’m getting a lot of opportunities to put that into practice at Snow Valley over here in London. With this in mind I’m once again contemplating a redesign. Typical web designer behaviour no doubt, and later this year will be 2 years since the last overhaul. It would also be the ideal opportunity to upgrade this version of Wordpress, which is starting to get a bit elderly.

So, as far as a redesign goes, I’m at the sketching stage at the moment, but I’m thinking even cleaner while improving the visual hierarchy, less cruft around the edges and more focus on typography and a very strict grid structure. I also plan to post more design-related bits and bobs.

Now I know I’ve promised a few people some more travel stuff so I’m going to mix it up a bit and keep posting photos up here. I particularly want to put a few more shots taken in Mexico and South America as well as the other stops around the place.

I’ll leave yas with this fun little piece of motion graphics – What if the opening titles of Star Wars were designed by Saul Bass:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="355" /]


  1. Hey Hank,

    Sound’s awesome mate.. Looking forward to seeing any upcoming designs. Wordpress 2.5 is just about to launch – so It might be a good time to start the overhaul.

    Catch up soon.


  2. Hey Cheb, cheers, I will definitely keep the eyes set on the new Wordpress. Take care and thanks for stopping by.