Newspaper club up and running

Russell Davies spoke about this project of his at last year’s very inspiring dConstruct conference, dubbed Newspaper Club. His team have come up with a way to use commercial newspaper production facilities to produce bespoke newspapers for whoever wants to give it a go. As a designer and admirer of good newspaper design, I’m super intrigued by the idea.

“‘Post-digital’ is a term coined by planner/blogger Russell Davies to describe the way in which smart digital and online behaviours have begun to make their presence felt in the real world, on real, tangible objects. It’s not hard to see the appeal of this concept after years of flash-heavy microsites, and of ‘traditional’ vs. ‘digital’ silos: a distinction rendered increasingly obsolete by the swelling ranks of a younger generation for whom such boundaries are meaningless.”

– Most Contagious 2009 – Contagious Magazine (PDF)

Gritty, grainy, rustling old newspaper.

Now to get some people and content together…