Javascript, e-commerce and progressive enhancement

I just published a blog post over at The Snow Patrol, in turn relating to a discussion at Econsultancy about the growing trend in e-commerce platforms to be reliant on Javascript.

It would seem that it’s often a tall order to build sites in a way that will work without Javascript as the baseline, but instead going straight for the all-singing, all-dancing full-blown AJAX rich-media awesome experience. I tend to think you can have your cake and eat it too. That’s if you’re epically brilliant.

I love all the new bells and whistles we’re able to roll out on sites these days, just using native browser technologies. But bells and whistles shouldn’t come at the expense of a functional base

I do believe I just quoted myself there. Slightly weird… But anyway, if that’s your kind of thing, do have a read and feel free to share your thoughts.